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   Diagnosing Diabetes in Dogs

Dog Grooming Tips:

  •   Maintenance Paws & Nails

    • The paws are very sensitive, especially between the paw pads. To help your dog be more comfortable with paw maintenance (trimming, nails, etc), stimulate the areas between the paw pads to help your dog get used to contact in these sensitive areas. 
    • Fur growing between the paw pads must be kept short. The fur not only collects dirt, but it also can eliminate traction and reduce the sense of touch. Fur growing over the paw pads is like wearing socks all the time which can cause the dog to slip on slick surfaces. 
    • Fur between the paw pads can get matted and collect gum and other matting material. This can become extremely uncomfortable for the dog. 
    • Dog's nails are filed automatically by walking on rough surfaces (sidewalk/ street). Long fur on the underside of the paw prevents the natural filing of the claws. Claws should be kept short for safety and comfort. 
    • Because black claws can only by trimmed by a professional or someone with experience, it is I recommend intentionally walking the dog on rough surfaces to promote the natural filing of the claws  that   can become extremely uncomfortable & even painful for a dog.must be kept short. 

  • Puppy Grooming Tips:

    • keep up with brushing maintenance to familiarize your dog with brushing 
    • Have your dog groomed and trimmed before any operation 
    • Cut out matted fur to avoid matting on the skin, irritation, and discomfort. 
    • Get a puppy/dog you can care for (check what maintenance the dog requires before getting it)
    • Get your puppy groomed early; before adult coat has grown in

Dog Walker Advisory Notice

Caution: Unmarked small animal traps


Pet Parents Beware:
Watch out for unmarked, small animal traps. These traps are usually near water in grassy areas.
Traps can cause serious injury… proceed with caution. 

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