Thursday, March 28, 2013

Extra Care, Puppy Boarding Update

Lhasa Apso/ Maltese Pups: Status Update

Intensive Care Puppy Boarding with Special Needs

South Holland Puppy Sitting

Pet-Sitting Status Update

The puppies are doing great!
They spend most of the time sleeping (as expected)… They even fall asleep while eating.
They are not at all bothered by the change of environment or new people.
The two larger, healthier pups are a lot more active than the one that is ill. They are very curious and like exploring their room.
They both have a healthy appetite and wake up for every feeding.

Energy & bevavior are positive… what you would expect from a puppy.

Intensive Care Puppy Boarding with Special Needs

Monday, March 25, 2013

Grooming Yorkie (Molly)

Trimming a Yorkshire Terrier 

Hollywood Hondentrimmer, Leiden

Maintenance Grooming Appointment for a Yorkie, Molly.

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming example.
Hollywood Hondentrimmer, Leiden
Because the owner is growing out Molly's coat; the focus of the appointment was to trim the coat to stimulate growth and create a healthier more vibrant look.

To stimulate growth, all the fur was slightly trimmed.

For a more vibrant youthful appearance, the face was trimmed into the teddybear style.
This style is very popular with Yorkshire Terriers. 
The aim of the teddybear face is fluffy fur styled into a round or heart-shaped frame surrounding the face. The thicker and fuller the coat, the better the teddybear style. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

About Hollywood Honden Services

Dog's Best Friend and Services

With all my services, my priority is the comfort and well being of the dog. I have a relationship with all my clients and their pets. While catering to your preferences as well as your dog’s specific needs… I provide a ‘home’ environment with lots of love and individual attention.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Status Update: Dewi

Hondenpension Trial Status Update

Dewi, Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier, Dewi
Dewi is doing great!
She warmed up to the new environment quite quickly; however, I believe she is still trying to make herself at home.

Appetite, energy, behavior, is excellent.
She is taking her medication without any problem.
As predicted, she gets tired quite quickly and is happy to lay around.
She is very sweet and easy… She likes to stay close, but is also comfortable being on her own.

OVERALL: a joy to have around and fits in nicely with the routine. 

Find more on Dewi here: Hollywood Hondentrimmer and Dog Services : Welcome Dewi, Tibetan Terrier

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kattentimmer, Leiden

Hollywood Huisdieren Services: Kattentrimmer, South Holland

Cat Grooming: before and after example

 Coral, female, Turkish Angora. 

Special cat-styling: Short with fluffy tail. 

Turkish Angora before and after Kattentrimmer Service, Leiden

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dog-Day-Care update: KOUJA


Status Update, Kouja

Kouja, Day-Care, Status Update

Kouja is doing great! 
She has made herself at home and is completely adjusted to the day-care routine.
She has become friends with all the regular 'Hollywood Honden' /(pack members).

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Contest Conclusion

Hollywood Honden Photo Contest Conclusion

Competing for the best dog photo… 19 contestants entered their best dog photos into the Hollywood Honden Photo Contest.
Voters could vote up to 4 times each. Twice on facebook and 2 more times at the Hollywood Honden weblog. 
It was a close race between #10, #11, #17, & #18. 
During the last voting days, #10, #17, & #18 alternated between 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place many times.
By the closing time #17 took the lead by a long shot, becoming the winner & best dog photo,
#17 took second & #10 took third.
See the winners at

Best dog photo WINNER!!!

Welcome Sparky!

New Pack Member, Sparky

Before & After Hollywood Hondentrimmer Grooming
Sparky, Boomer

Sparky is a male mix breed…
Owner says he is shih tzu and maltease… 
However, his larger size suggests there must be another breed in the mix.

Pieare's Dog Day


Groom before and after, Pieare: Boomer, male

Pieare, male, Boomer.

Pieare's 'HH Dog-Day' got off to a shaky start, but quickly turned around.
Because he is deaf, I had to use creative techniques to capture his attention and win him over.
During the fitness /walking portion of the 'HH Dog Day', Pieare relaxed and enjoyed the outing and stimulation.
Boomer, Pieare
This made the (second part of the HH Dog-Day) Grooming easier.

Pieare was excellent during grooming. I managed to completely avoid making contact with the painful growth on his head.
Despite the obstacles, everything went surprisingly well and we became good friends.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hollywood Honden Photo Contest Winners

Best Dog Photo

Top 3 best dog photos
Grand prize for the winner.
€50 Hollywood Honden Service Sampler

Grand Prize

 Winner of the Hollywood
Honden Photo Contest

 Best dog Photo:  #17- 



1st, 2nd, &3rd place winners will receive a gift with use of any Hollywood Honden Services.

2nd place winner will receive 10% off any Hollywood Honden Service (can be used in combination to other offers).

1st & 2nd Place photos will be featured on several web addresses 
(including a segment on anything dog related- written by the winners).

1st place GRAND PRIZE Hollwyood Honden Service Credit worth €50+.

The Hollwyood Honden Service Sampler 

€10 off any grooming service,
1 day/night of day-care.
1 destination outing for your dog..
1-3 service transports.
 And an accessory set (bows with matching collar).

Contact for your appointments

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dog Sizes for Service Rates

Dog Size Chart

 used as an HH service rate reference.

Hondenpension, hondentrimsalon, hondenuitlaaten, & more…

Hollywood Hondenpension, Leiden
Dog Size Flow Chart for HH Services, Leiden

Service rates vary with the dog's size, temperament, behavior, circumstance, et. With grooming rates also consider coat condition & styling preferences, etc.
Contact for more info.

Cockapoo, nova

New Hollywood Hond, Nova. 

Welcome to the Hollywood Honden Pack!

Cockapoo before en after trim
Nova is a female Cockapoo (poodle & cocker-spaniel mix).