Thursday, March 21, 2013

About Hollywood Honden Services

Dog's Best Friend and Services

With all my services, my priority is the comfort and well being of the dog. I have a relationship with all my clients and their pets. While catering to your preferences as well as your dog’s specific needs… I provide a ‘home’ environment with lots of love and individual attention.

I offer unique luxury dog services at a low price.  Getting to know each dog & owner individually, I quickly develop a bond and familiarity.  It is  always easier to handle a dog who knows you… Not only for me, but for the dog as well.  Providing services for everything dog related allows for more encounters to become even closer and eventually…

…”Dog’s Best Friend.”

"Pleasing the preferences of protective pet parents”.
Catering to the concerns of protective pet parents… Becoming familiar with you and your dog helps show me learn to best ways to handle your dog and satisfy your preferences..  Every dog has a different life-style, wants, and needs. I always try to accommodate the preferences of each dog and owner (no matter how crazy it may seem)… 
I am also available any time (24 hours) in the case of a last minute reservation… an emergency/ unexpected situation… (For example: if you suddenly have to go to the hospital, or travel, move, etc.)
Grooming, walking, training, exercise, day-care, rehabilitation, transport, assistance,  accessories, & more...

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