Thursday, March 28, 2013

Extra Care, Puppy Boarding Update

Lhasa Apso/ Maltese Pups: Status Update

Intensive Care Puppy Boarding with Special Needs

South Holland Puppy Sitting

Pet-Sitting Status Update

The puppies are doing great!
They spend most of the time sleeping (as expected)… They even fall asleep while eating.
They are not at all bothered by the change of environment or new people.
The two larger, healthier pups are a lot more active than the one that is ill. They are very curious and like exploring their room.
They both have a healthy appetite and wake up for every feeding.

Energy & bevavior are positive… what you would expect from a puppy.

Intensive Care Puppy Boarding with Special Needs

The little puppy is still more lathargic than the others and sleeps a lot deeper… If I don't wake him for feeding he would probably sleep through it completely.
The midnight and early morning feeding/medicine is probably harder on me than it is on them.
Giving the medication and monitoring his temperature is no problem. He hardly even wakes up for it.
His temperature has been consist since he arrived and he is eating and keeping it down.

His gums appear to be getting pinker and he is starting to walk around more and more when he is awake (which is a really good sign).
When he walks around, his brother and sister try to play with him a little to much… I may have to isolate him for part of the day for some peace and quiet.

OVERALL: The pups are doing as well as can be expected and cute as can be.

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