Monday, March 11, 2013

Dog-Day-Care update: KOUJA


Status Update, Kouja

Kouja, Day-Care, Status Update

Kouja is doing great! 
She has made herself at home and is completely adjusted to the day-care routine.
She has become friends with all the regular 'Hollywood Honden' /(pack members).

Her anxiety has decreased significantly which has resulted in less barking.
It seems as though the barking (which used to be all the time), has reduced to happen only when she is over excited or feels the need to protect- this is also becoming less and less.

It is obvious that Kouja is very comfortable and happy in her new routine…
She loves to sit in a chair next to me while I am working from my desk.
When we are walking off the leash in the forest with other dogs, she is the only one that stays right by my side.

With training we have accomplished: "sit", "stay", "off", and much much more…
She comes when she is called and enjoys pleasing the owner…and getting a treat.

She is most obedient when off the leash. She likes to show you that she can be trusted (by paying close attention to you when she is off the leash and waiting for the next command).

Initially I had been concerned that she might become a little spoiled…
Clever as she is, this can be hard to avoid. I hate to say it, but I think she fits the profile.

Refusing the eat her dry food… eating the treats around the dry food, less obedient when there is no treat-reward, and training people to give her a treat when she gives them a paw…
…it's hard not to give in to her cute little antics…  soon she will be faking injuries ;)

Overall: Kouja is a joy and becoming more and more of a pleasure day by day.

read more on when Kouja entered the HH pack.
-click here ->  Hollywood Hondentrimmer and Dog Services : welcome KOUJA
(type "Kouja" in the search bar to find everything on her)

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