Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cockapoo, nova

New Hollywood Hond, Nova. 

Welcome to the Hollywood Honden Pack!

Cockapoo before en after trim
Nova is a female Cockapoo (poodle & cocker-spaniel mix). 
Nova is considered a medium size dog (for HH Services).


A true mix between poodle and cocker spaniel: Nova has long poole legs, a white semi hypoallergenic  coat, a pointy nose, & a poodle attitude. Her coat texture is a cockapoo mixture, although the fur/hair grows muck like a cocker spaniel (longer on the back of the legs, belly, & chest). Her ears are long and her tail is nearly non existent like a Hungarian Cocker Spaniel.

Grooming a Cockapoo, Nova

Requested by the owner Nova received a clean-up trim… mostly tending to the face and legs.
To match her collar and leash, styling was finsihed off with sky blue bows on each ear.
Nova is a sweat heart… however, dhe does not like to be brushed or trimmed around the face, head, & neck.