Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boarding Tula And Ashley

Dog Boarding Update

Pet Sitting, Tula & Ashley

HH Dog Sitting, Leiden (Status Update)
New Pack members, Tula (Jack Russell) and Ashley (Schnauzer Mix) are doing great.

Appetite and energy is excellent
They adjusted almost immediately.
Ashley is a little more defiant. However, with a firm tone she listens.

The leash provided (2 in 1 leash) did not work. Tula likes to walk on the grass and Ashley only likes to walk on the grass when she wants to. After the first time I walked them I stopped using the 2 in 1 and provided them with separate retractable leashes which work very well.

Overall: Very easy and fun

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Shaving Pebbles

Shaving a Labradoodle, Pebbles

HH Grooming Services

Labradoodle Grooming

The thicker the coat, the more difficult it is the trim. It is always easier to shave as short as possible. The longer the length of the style, the more time consuming and difficult.

Because pebbles has white skin and black hair, shaving too short results in visibility of the skin through the coat. To avoid this she was shaved 9mm all over the body.
Her extremely thick curly coat made this more challenging, but her prefect behavior made up for it.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chani: Update

Pet-Sitting Status Update

Husky, Chani

Chani & Bear

Chani was a pleasure as always…
She attended a Hollywood Honden Outing to the beach.
Even though she had to stay on-leash, she still had a great time.

She got along very well with my dog Bear.
With Bear being ill, Chani was very gentle with her. 

Appetite could have been better…
As expected, she did not eat all her food.
Energy, behavior, and temperament were EXCELLENT

OVERALL: A joy to have around

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ruben: Update

New Hollywood Hondje: Ruben

Boarding, Status Update

Ruben is doing well…
During the previous meet-and-greet, Ruben appeared to be right at home and warmed up to me immediately. On intake day, Ruben got a little tense when I touched his ear.
Since then, we have been getting along great.

He is a more work than expected..
His aggressive nature towards other dogs prevents him from being in included in all the destination outings and playtime (when another dog is present). 

Appetite is excellent. I motivated him to eat with wet food and it took off from there.
Due to his unusual medical condition, giving him sips of water frequently throughout the day has been going fine. (Although he did vomit once)

As a result of the aggression and providing small sips of water frequently throughout the day, Ruben is better suited for a private/ preferential reservation. That way he can enjoy private destination outings and avoid being separated when another dog comes (for boarding, day-care, grooming, etc)


Ruben has made himself at home. He is getting all the attention and care he needs. Unaware of the things he is missing, Ruben is having a great time.