Friday, March 15, 2013

Kattentimmer, Leiden

Hollywood Huisdieren Services: Kattentrimmer, South Holland

Cat Grooming: before and after example

 Coral, female, Turkish Angora. 

Special cat-styling: Short with fluffy tail. 

Turkish Angora before and after Kattentrimmer Service, Leiden

Except the parts with water, Coral was easy to groom. She enjoyed the strokes of the brush and clippers as if it was a massage.
Her relaxed behavior lead me to believe that her owners brush her frequently.

Coral's parents were ready for a change… They wanted something a little different from the usual trim. Having never strayed away from the standard short cut, the parents didn't know what they wanted, or what would look good. They only knew that they wanted something different & fun, without and bright colors.

With styling left up to the groomer, Coral was trimmed short (over the whole body), only leaving long fur from the end to 1/3 up the tail.

"Groomers should never go overbord with styling changes. Pet parents might be looking for something different, but they still want to recognize their pet. The length on the tail end is not too dramatic but still results in something different, cute and fun. It is also easily trimmed away just in case they prefer to go back to the familiar short cut. The change in appearance was profound enough to satisfy, but not overwhelming.
It's the exact same cat-hairstyle; only now she is wearing an accessory on her tail." 
Coral & her parents loved it!

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