Monday, March 25, 2013

Grooming Yorkie (Molly)

Trimming a Yorkshire Terrier 

Hollywood Hondentrimmer, Leiden

Maintenance Grooming Appointment for a Yorkie, Molly.

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming example.
Hollywood Hondentrimmer, Leiden
Because the owner is growing out Molly's coat; the focus of the appointment was to trim the coat to stimulate growth and create a healthier more vibrant look.

To stimulate growth, all the fur was slightly trimmed.

For a more vibrant youthful appearance, the face was trimmed into the teddybear style.
This style is very popular with Yorkshire Terriers. 
The aim of the teddybear face is fluffy fur styled into a round or heart-shaped frame surrounding the face. The thicker and fuller the coat, the better the teddybear style. 

Molly Yorkie grooming
Taking more length off the head, would result in a fuller 'teddybear' style; however, Molly looks much cuter in her accessories- which are less applicable with shorter fur.  

Compared to short coats, longer coats can quickly appear flat and dull.
 The longest sections of the coats are not only the oldest; the have also been through the most wear and tear (brushing, washing, etc.) They are also the most exposed and get the least nutrients from the body (sin oils, etc). 

To bring back the shine we used a shampoo and conditioner that help rejuvenate the natural oils in the skin and coat.
We also did an oil treatment the seal the natural skin and coat oils into the fur.

Hollywood Honden Services Grooming Tip: 

  • Watch out for 'shine' shampoos & conditioners. Many of these products use chemicals that bring out the shine immediately but also eliminate the natural shine oils in the coat and skin. 
  • Do not shampoo your dog too often… bathing with shampoo and/or conditioner should be done as little as possible. You dont need shampoo to rinse off sand from the beach, just use water. If you regularly need to bathe your dog, use natural shampoos and/or oil replenishing shampoo/ conditioner. 

See more tips and tricks on grooming & other dog care topics at the Advise Forum Page. 

Share your thoughts, give advise & answers, and interact with other pet parents.

Styling was completed with a magenta bow, fastened to the fur between the ears.

Grooming: Status Follow-Up

Molly arrived to the appointment shaking and quite tense…
Once we settled in together, Molly quickly turned around into being a hyper, playful, energetic dog… 
She was the perfect grooming client. She didn't mind the grooming tools, she sat still, she obeyed commands, and was comfortable and trusting. 
The bath was her least favorite part, but she was more annoyed than scared. 
Knowing she hates the cold… Molly was bundled up immediately and then blow-dried.
Her only struggle was taking good photos… but we even accomplished that after a few tries.

Overall: Molly warmed up to me much faster than i would have ever expected. I was pleasantly suprised with how happy & comfortable she was without the owner.   

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