Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dog Daycare: Kouja

Doggy DayCare, Leiden  

Doggy-Day-Care, Leiden
Hollywood Hondenservices, Zuid Holland

Status Update: Kouja

With Daycare 4 days a week, it is no surprise that Kouja is one of the more popular HH Pack members.
She may be small in size, but her energy, character, and behavior carry a large presence.
Being in excellent condition, Kouja is the only small HH-dog that gets to attend the fitness pack outings for large/ fit dogs. Kouja effortlessly keeps up with 90min endurance outings on the beach/ forest. She runs after the ball with the group (even though she is not interested in the ball at all). 

Kouja wont play fetch with you, but she will play "kill the cute cuddle toy"

Sweet as she is to the members of the HH pack, Kouja is not always nice to dogs outside the pack. 

Kouja has become best friends with Bear.
With Bear's illness and operation happening over the past week, Kouja mellowed out and was extra sweet, gentle and sensitive. She is very intuitive and caring…. it was nice to have around during these last few days of stress and waiting.

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