Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Queens Day Dog Wear

Queens Day Dog Wear

Hollywood Honden Apparel: Dutch Dog Collection

Dutch Dog Apparel by Hollywood Honden Accessories 

Include your dog in the Queens Day Celebration (April 30)

Get your FREE Queens Day dog wear with any Hollywood Honden Service Appointment
Dog Vest (Orange)
"HH Pack"
with Hollywood Honden Services logo
Dog Vests (available in all sizes)
Orange Bow
Elastic Connection

Dog Vest (Orange)
"Hollywood Hondje"

Orange Dog T-Shirt
"Hollywood Hondje"

Dog Bows for female dogs

Set: 1 on each ear 
 Single: 1 between the ears on the top of the head

Collar Bows (male and female)

Collar with a bow positioned on the back or front of the neck
(Separate) detachable bows for any type of dog collar
Available in nearly all colors

Mesh Dog Harness with bow-tie (Orange) 

Dog Tutu

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