Monday, April 8, 2013

Grooming Minty (Mix)

Minty Before and After HH Grooming

Groom Example Minty (mix)

Being a unique mix, Minty's coat is combination of different types of fur and hair that is extremely think. Some sections are thicker and curlier than others, resulting is this cute, fluffy little dog/cloud that is quite difficult to trim.

Request: No special styling, only a short trim, 1 length, not too short.

The first time I groomed Minty was the first time we was ever groomed. When he was a puppy.
After HH Grooming
Finished with a bow
Since then, Minty has become much bigger and much much fluffier. 

Grooming Tip:

It is always important to make grooming as much of a positive experience as possible. This is especially important with puppies.

I was happy to see that Minty was not a difficult dog when it comes to being groomed.
With is shy nature, I was surprised  by how comfortable he became as the session progressed.

Grooming Recommendation: Shave really short for summer.

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