Sunday, April 7, 2013

Update: Chani

Special Needs Boarding: Status Update

Chani, Siberian Husky, female

Chani is doing great!

She started out a little shy & gaurded… intelligent as she is; once I had a little talk with her and explained what was going on, she was OK (crazy as it sounds…)
Special Needs Boarding
Status Update: Chani 

After the first night she let her guard down and warmed up to the environment.

Due to her injury, she is getting private walks throughout the day.
I have seen her limp a little on night 2 (after the last walk of the day). By morning she was walking fine again.
She does not appear to be in any pain… she would run if I allowed her to.
In the effort to heal the injury, we are keeping the energy mellow… She is resting her foot while relaxing and receiving plenty of attention and affection.

Behavior is Excellent. She able to communicate and very intuitive. She is in sync with what is expected of her… very few commands are needed.
I love how she helps put on her harness… 
She has been taking her medication without a problem
Feeding is fine…
Energy is OK. She wants to do more but can't while she is recovering the leg.
OVERALL: an absolute joy to have around

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